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Adam Long is the Chief Technology Officer at QSR International, the world’s leading developer of qualitative research software.  The views in this blog are personal and do not necessarily reflect the views of QSR International.

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Conference and Seminar Presentations

Future technology directions and their implications for your research, Seventh International Strategies in Qualitative Research Conference, University of Durham (United Kingdom), September 2006

CAQDAS Developers Panel, CAQDAS 07 Conference, University of London (United Kingdom), April 2007

i18n = g11n + L10n, Victoria.NET Dev SIG, Microsoft Theatre (Australia), March 2009

Running a Successful Beta Test Program, Victoria.NET Dev SIG, Microsoft Theatre (Australia), September 2010

Developing Software for an International Market, Industry seminar, Monash University (Australia), October 2010

Collaborative Approach to Managing Innovation and Technology, Australian Industrial Research Group 2012, The Royce Hotel (Australia), August 2012

What NVivo has done for qualitative methodology, Developer Pecha Kucha, CAQDAS 2014 Conference, Horsely Park (United Kingdom), May 2014

NVivo – past, present and future, Developer Showcase, CAQDAS 2014 Conference, Horsely Park (United Kingdom), May 2014


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