Running a Successful Beta Test Program

Recently at QSR International we ran an extensive beta test program for our new version of NVivo being released in October 2010.  Beta test programs are a great way to validate whether your software release objectives are being met in terms of feature value and quality.  Additionally, beta test programs provide for improved product outcomes through customer collaboration and innovation.  This customer collaboration is an important aspect of user-centered design (UCD) which tries to optimize the product around how users  use the product, rather than forcing users to change their behavior to accommodate the product.

Yesterday, I presented with 2 colleagues to the Victoria.NET Dev SIG on Running a Successful Beta Test Program.  The presentation gave an overview and tips for running a beta test program and included an in-depth demonstration of using PreEmptive Solutions Runtime Intelligence Services which allows the capture of feature usage and user behavior. Microsoft collects similar application analytics through their Customer Experience Improvement Program.  The presentation can be viewed below:


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  1. Why beta testing is the new black Says:

    […] If you’re interested in how QSR goes about beta testing, you can find out more in Adam’s great post about running a successful beta test program. […]

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