Favorite Technology Gadgets

Our lives interact with technology on a daily basis.  These interactions can be frustrating and mundane, or enjoyable and stimulating.  Below are some of my favorite technology gadgets.

1. Dell Mini 9

In October 2008 I was looking for a netbook computer to bring on a work trip to the United States.  After reviewing the available netbooks, I purchased a Dell Mini 9 and upgraded the memory to a more respectable 2GB.  I installed Windows Vista Ultimate (32bit) and Office 2007 onto the solid state drive and installed a 8GB SDHC card for additional data storage.  I chose the Mini 9 because of its light weight, wireless connectivity, solid state drive, full keyboard, ability to run a full Windows operating system, and stylish design.  It was just what I needed – easy to carry around, four hours of battery life, access to the productivity applications I needed to use, and the ability to connect to a projector.  Now it comes on both work trips and family holidays.

Dell Mini 9

Dell Mini 9

2. HP TouchSmart IQ818a

In late October 2008, I attended the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles and was impressed with the exciting new multi-touch capabilities of Windows 7.  I needed to obtain a computer that would allow me to fully evaluate and understand this new user interaction on Windows.  After reviewing the available multi-touch capable computers, I purchased a HP TouchSmart IQ818a.  I installed Windows Vista Ultimate (64bit) for day-to-day work and Windows 7 (64bit)pre-beta for evaluating the multi-touch features.  The HP TouchSmart IQ818a is a great computer with a its large multi-touch screen (25.5″), minimal desk footprint, respectable specifications, and stylish design.  I enjoyed experiencing the multi-touch capabilities of Windows 7, especially using gestures.

HP TouchSmart IQ800

HP TouchSmart IQ818a

3. Apple iPhone 3G

I was now an evangelist on multi-touch interfaces and felt behind the times with my antiquated mobile phone.  So in December 2008 I purchased an Apple iPhone 3G (16GB model).  From the moment you open the high quality and well designed packaging, you know you are about to experience something unique.  The user interface is simply brilliant and the applications are both useful and easy to use.  Besides making phone calls and sending and receiving SMS messages, I use the built-in Camera to take photos, the Maps application with GPS for getting directions, the iPod application to listen to music, the Safari browser to access the web, and the App Store to download entertaining games that make great use of multi-touch and tilt.  So far, this is the best mobile phone I have used.

Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

4. Nintendo Wii

I purchased the Nintendo Wii soon after its release in December 2006 and it is still the video game console of choice for me.  It does not have the best graphics of the available consoles, but it has the best user interface provided by the Wii Remote.  My favourite Wii game is Wii Sports when playing with family/friends and The Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess when playing alone.   It is a great console for the whole family to enjoy as it can be played by both adults and children alike.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

The future of technology gadgets looks bright with designers and engineers developing innovative products with the user experience firmly in mind.


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2 Responses to “Favorite Technology Gadgets”

  1. Adam Long Says:

    Today I downloaded Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit) from MSDN Subscriptions and installed it on my Dell Mini 9. The installation process was easy and without issue. It is good to see that Microsoft has given attention to the user experience and making Windows enjoyable to use again. Extremely pleased to say good bye to the UAC.

  2. Grace Says:

    We have been living in the yesteryears a little ourselves. Just got myself an iphone 3GS last fortnight and it has been absolutely great. We use it for our skype calls to Singapore and Malaysia too.

    Still considering if it is worthwhile getting the Wii at this stage. The boys are really into their Nintendo DS big time and it is so hard to get them outdoors or interested in other activities so we are holding back.

    The netbook looks like the next toy for us but at the moment, the iphone allows us to do what we like most when we are waiting somewhere – surf.

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